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There are several leading online art galleries where the prints of Jone Vasaitis artworks are available. All of them are committed to provide top quality services and most of them suggest the option of money back politics (however, please make sure to read terms and services before purchasing carefully).   
When buying photography of limited edition, you can be sure that each edition is strictly controlled by the author itself. After the certain number of artworks is sold, all digital files, archives or any trial prints are destroyed to ensure that no further copies will be ever produced. However it is complicated to control the versions of artworks on internet, the author is also not responsible for possible dishonest manipulations of the third parties. For that reason, to ensure the value of the artwork and secure it's owner, a watermarked certificate with all details is attached to each sold original artwork.
Please note, that not all of artworks are displayed for online sale, so if you are interested in a specific image, but can not find the "buy online" option, feel free to contact the artist directly with any questions. If there are special demands of artworks which would revitalize and complete your interior (such as specific colours or sizes), private orders are acceptable as well.    
So with chosen piece of original artwork, you also choose:
  • High quality guarantee
  • Strictly controled number of editions
  • Watermarked certificate signed by the author 
  • Original artworks printed under acrylic glass are UV protected
  • Longevity of the artwork
  • Integrated hanging system (optional).